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Helping Families Through Divorce in texas

Most of us don't anticipate getting divorced. However, statistics tell us that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. With so many life-changing decisions to be made, you must have an experienced divorce lawyer in Angleton, TX, at Crenshaw & Purvis by your side. Many areas must be addressed during the divorce process, including child support and custody, the division of assets, and spousal support.

Ensuring Your Property Is Fairly Distributed

The division of assets can be a complicated process, which is why hiring a Brazoria County divorce lawyer can help you significantly in understanding the legal proceedings. You've worked hard to earn what is rightfully yours, and our team of legal professionals wants to help you keep it. Don't make any decisions until you've consulted with our attorneys. Backed by more than 60 years of combined legal experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of family law.

When dividing property, the following personal items and assets are usually discussed:

  • Home furniture
  • Motor vehicles such as cars, boats, and motorcycles
  • Real estate property such as homes, apartments, and condominiums
  • Bank accounts and cash
  • Retirement plans
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance
  • A shared business

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Is Texas A 50-50 state when it comes to divorce?

Regarding divorce, Texas is not a 50-50 state. The Texas Family Code requires a just and right division of community property. Judges may divide 55/45 or 60/40 if they see bad behavior on one side, fault grounds (adultery, cruelty, etc.), or a disparity in earning capabilities. For example, suppose one of the spouses makes a smaller income and has no college degree. In that case, they will more likely take a larger share of the community estate, especially if adultery or cruelty by the other spouse is involved. On the other hand, if you have two spouses who make the same amount of money with no-fault grounds, they may end up with a 50/50 ruling depending on different factors.

How Long Can a Divorce Be Put on Hold in Texas?

A divorce can be put on hold in Texas for 60 days. The divorce is final once the judge pronounces it in open court and signs it. But if both spouses disagree, it can take six months to 1 year or even longer finalize the divorce. The length can vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the conflict.

Can You Stop a Divorce After Filing in Texas?

You can stop a divorce after filing in Texas. If both parties decide to get relief, then it will get dismissed. A nonsuit is when only one of the parties chooses to file with the court. The petitioner in a divorce may take a nonsuit before resting their case. If the other side has also asked for relief, both sides are locked into the divorce unless they both agree to nonsuit it.

Understanding Spousal Support in Brazoria County

Spousal support, or alimony, is financial support given from one spouse to the other to help with living costs. This is granted to one spouse when the court determines the spouse needs financial assistance to maintain a similar standard of living after the divorce. The judge will decide based on a variety of factors.

Questions that the judge takes into consideration when making a ruling include:

  • How long did the marriage last?
  • Was there a history of abuse?
  • Was one spouse's career affected by their responsibilities in the marriage?
  • Did one spouse help the other spouse further their education or career?
  • What debts and assets do the couple share?
  • What are the age and current health of each spouse?
  • How much can the spouse pay in alimony?
  • What was the standard of living during the marriage?

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